Online Aptitude Test

This test is intended to give you a feedback on how well prepared you are to take an online course. Given the feedback, you should know your weaknesses so that you can work on strengthening them.
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1. I am considering taking an online course
because I can never seem to make it to my campus classes.
because the flexibility fits my schedule.
to add another course to a full load.

2. If I am having difficulty with an assignment
I always ask for help right away to clarify the issue.
I rarely ask for help. I don't like to bother instructors or other students.
I struggle with it for a while, and if I can't figure it out myself then I ask for help.

3. I consider myself to be
an adequate typist.
a good typist.
a slow typist.

4. The words "software", "download", "plug-in" and "set up" usually
send me into a total panic.
don't scare me at all.
scare me a little bit.

5. When I have an assignment or homework
I try to complete it on time, but sometimes I miss deadlines. Work or family commitments sometimes prevent me from completing class assignments.
I consistently complete it on time or ahead of time.
I tend to put things off until the last minute. Or some things are either more pressing or more interesting than completing coursework on time.

6. When something goes wrong with my computer, I feel that
it is somewhat annoying and frustrating. I get anxious when I can't complete work or projects because of unexpected technical difficulties.
it is extremely frustrating. I have little patience for disruptions or have no time for unexpected technology difficulties.
it is something that complicates my day, but it doesn't strongly impact my mood or my ability to work around the problem.

7. As a reader, I would describe my interest and abilities as follows:
I enjoy reading for classes and for pleasure. I usually understand textbooks without too much additional explaination.
Reading is enjoyable and interesting as long as I am interested in the topic. If I am not interested in the topic, reading is not enjoyable.
I don't find reading to be very effective for me. I learn best by doing things, not reading.

8. As a learner, I would classify myself as being
somewhat independent.
highly independent.
dependent on others.

9. I have ready access to a computer, and through it, the internet.
No regular access.
Yes, at the university's computer labs.
Yes, at home or at a friend's place.

10. When I have to work individually
I rarely finish the task.
I almost always complete the task successfully.
I finish the task, but I feel a bit uncomfortable without the instructor's presence.

11. Written instructions are
easy for me to follow.
confusing and frustrating to me.
easy to follow, but I would prefer to have the instructor explain them to me.

12. When asked to utilize new skills and technologies as a learner
I embrace the challenge and enjoy trying new things.
I am hesitant to take risks, but am persistent and determined.
I am very uncomfortable and tend to avoid new strategies.

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